Meet the Artist

Welcome! Gather around the glow of your device screen to learn a little about the mind behind the creations in this here shop!
Madeline Clare Waggoner was born in the Central Savannah River Area in Georgia but did most of her growing up in the River Region of Alabama. She has always had a wildly vivid imagination, keen sense of humor, and the classic feminine urge to form a better global society without worker exploitation and meaningless displays of military might.
With the help of scholarships and benefactors, Madeline studied advertising and fine art at the University of Alabama where she met inspirational mentors in the forms of instructors and her fellow students. After withdrawing twice  for internal reevaluations, she eventually earned a bachelor's degree in the art of communications in May of 2016.
Madeline's collage art is a reflection of the great beauty, trauma, and resilience found within this chaotic world. In her mixed media work, Madeline attempts to recall the feelings of memories without nostalgia and connect to her inner self through playful experimentation. 
Madeline currently resides near the Pearl River reservoir in Mississippi with a partner that loves her for simply being and her two dogs. She currently works part-time in the sign fabrication industry.